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The Club is now on FACEBOOK. Check it out here



Members, your club is calling out to find voluntary people who could help by teaching new beginners the introduction basics to computers.  Most beginners have little to no knowledge of how to use a computer; some have never even turned a computer on.  If you know of anybody who could help, please phone the club on 6645 4005.  This voluntary job is for two hours a week. The rewards are very self-satisfying knowing that you can help other people by passing on what you know about computers. It maybe only basic, but it is a start and we all had to start from the beginning. Please give the club a call if you can help

Thanking you
Bob MacPherson
 (Voluntary Program Officer) 

Hello all,

Been having a look at how to set up the facebook page and it is straight forward. 

Has anyone got a preference for a picture representing the club to go on the page? 

Also, who would like to be an administrator (not paid) - there can be more than one. 

Just so you know, the next terms timetable has already been put out there for all to see. 




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Have you noticed the Tips page - loads of hints and tips for you to check out.

On the Experimental page there is a feature that checks your response and responds accordingly,

you can click here to jump straight to the Reflex Checker

The club's phone number is 6645 4005



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