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Members, term one in 2019 is coming to you with some changes and club management trust that members can accommodate and welcome these changes.  Publisher leaders Jennifer Apps and Lorraine Kenny understandably are taking a well-earned rest.  Our club gives thanks to these two ladies for all their dedication and time over the past 10 years.

Frank James is also not available for this term.

Your club will be closed on Mondays on a trial basis, to overcome class vacancies during other week days. Please let our receptionist know if these changes are not within your best interest. Thanking you.

Bob MacPherson (Programme Co-ordinator)


President’s Newsletter August & September 2018

1…Again I am combining 2 months in this Newsletter.

2…Class attendance is down, to an all time low. This is a crisis situation for the Programme Officer and all of the Management Committee. We need all club members input to this problem, suggestions as to what subjects need to be taught to increase attendance. We are opened to any suggestions. Please help.

3…We have applied for and been granted a Federal Government Grant. It is called BE CONNECTED and is for showing the over 50’s the world of Computers. The Grant must be spent on the Advertising and Organising Educational Initiatives helping Seniors to communicate using Computers. This was obtained through the help of local Federal MP Kevin Hogan. Thank you Kevin.

4…So Members this Grant is for the Public. So if you have Non-Member friends, this is an opportunity for them to come along.
             *Cuppa and Meeting Date, Monday 15th October.
                                    * Time 10am
                                    * Venue Maclean CWA Room
There they will be told about free lessons being conducted in our class rooms during the “Be Connected Week”, October 15/20 2018.

5…The Christmas Party has been confirmed 14th December 2018 at Maclean Bowling Club Dining Room at 11.30am. For a Smorgasbord Menu with Chinese and Australian choices. It is $15.00 for Members and $22 for Non-Members. Please attend it is Your Christmas Party.

6…Do not forget to attend the AGM on Friday 19th October 2018 at 10am. Held at CWA rooms Maclean, next door to RSL. Where you will also if required, vote for your Executive and Committee Members. Nominations are still being received till 4pm Friday 12th October 2018.

7…I have asked our Club Patron Mayor Jim Simmons to attend, and act as Returning Officer if required. At this point he has accepted.

8…Elena Turner has also replaced Alison Fiddy on the Management Committee. Alison had to resign for family reasons, she will be greatly missed. Welcome Elena.

9…Lorraine Kenny is recuperating from her injuries sustained from her fall. We wish her a speedy recovery.

10…Please help Boost our attendance numbers.


President Dennis



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