Welcome to Clarence Valley Seniors Computer Club

  One off joining fee $10.00  
  Annual membership  $15.00  
  Lessons cost $6.00  
  Membership is open to Seniors over 40 years of age

Membership Forms are available at the Club - 48 River Street, Maclean

or Click here to download a form now



The Clarence Valley Senior Computer Club (cvScc) extends a very warm welcome to you and offers a hand of friendship by bringing seniors together with a common interest in computers.

cvScc was formed with local community input and takes pride in creating a friendly learning environment for seniors.

The club offers its members clean modern facilities to meet, greet and to learn in comfortable surroundings.

Membership Cards

A membership card, in the form of a pin-on badge, is issued to members after joining and it must be worn at all Club Lessons and Workshops. When members renew their membership for the next year they will be issued with a new card.

Disability Access Ramp

The club has a disability ramp installed at the back entrance to the building and this entrance can be accessed by using the McNaughton Place road.  

Limited parking can be found around the court house or alternately walking access is available by using the foot path off River Street, between the club building and Willard garden.  

New Members Welcome pamphlet

Click here to download a copy of the pamphlet now